• What do I need to know about Council Tax?

    Council tax is paid to Southwark Council, and most flats are in the D or E bands Website: www.southwark.gov.uk Email: soucounciltax@liberata.com Telephone: 020 7525 1850
  • Electricity - Why am I getting lukewarm showers?

    There are a few possible solutions. Firstly the cartridges that control the water temperature may be faulty, call Bristan (0844 761 6256) who supply these items and they can install them for you. Also check that the thermostat on your boiler is set to 60 degrees. You may have a problem with the apartments heating system, Woodfords (0208 531 0004) complete annual checks, however call Barratts customer services (0208 522 5500 or 0845 601 6084) or Rob Lock (07763 526 677) as there may be a technician on site.
  • Electricity - What do I do if my water is not heating up?

    E.on has now taken over the control of the energy centre, and therefore there should be fewer incidences where there is no hot water. However, if the case does arise then please log a call with E.on (0845 302 4312) Mon-Fri 9-5pm. If after 5pm select the option for loss of supply. If the hot water is off for 24 hours or more, from when the first log is made, then E.on will refund each apartment with £20. In the meantime there is an emersion heat switch by your heating control panel.
  • Electricity heating - Why is my flat cold?

    There are a few possible solutions: Firstly are the radiators working properly? If not then they may need bleeding. If you bleed your radiators then you will need to re-pressurise the heating systems (see your welcome packs). Secondly you may have a draft coming from the windows. You may need to call Barratts’ customer services to resolve this. Have you set the thermostat which is attached to the boiler to 60 degrees? If not E.on recommend you set the thermostat to 60 degrees.
  • Electricity - What is supplied?

    Your electricity is split into two sections: Heating and hot water & general electric use. Both are supplied by E.on. The heating and hot water supply comes from the energy centre in the car park underneath each building. The E.on sustainable energy team will electronically read your meter and send you a bill accordingly (you can set up a direct debit for payment). The general electric meter is read manually, however you can send them your own meter readings. If you have a Tesco clubcard, you can add this to your account to get more clubcard points. Setting up an online account gives you up to 20% more off your general electric bills.
  • Is the water supply covered in the service charge?

    No. Only water used in the communal areas (for cleaning etc) is covered by the service charge - Thames Water T: 0845 9200 888 or 01793 366 011 W: www.thameswater.co.uk
  • Electricity - Where are the electricity meters?

    The general electricity meters are found in a cabinets in your corridor, behind locked security doors. Ask concierge for access to these cupboards. To access your meter for your heating you would need to remove the white cover from the heat exchanged. This can be found usually above the hot water tank mounted on the wall. To check if your serial number you should see a 7 digit number "8556356" for example on your bill. The same number should be printed on your meter in at the top. If you are using the Multical 401 the manual can be found at http://www.kamstrup.com/2431/MULTICAL-401
  • Who supplies broadband and telephone?

    See The Light - Broadband is supplied starting at 50MB speeds. There have been a few issues with dropped calls and differences in download speeds (check yours at www.speedtest.net or www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk), so don’t be afraid to log a complaint! T: 0845 051 1668 W: www.seethelight.co.uk
  • Where are the water meters?

    The general electricity meters are found in a cabinet in the corridor behind locked security floors. Ask concierge for access.
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  • Anti-Social Behavior & Nuisance

    If you are experiencing noise nuisance or other forms of disturbances, in the first instance you should try and raise this with the individual concerned. If this does not help these are the contact details to help you resolve the matter: Safer Neighbourhood team (SNT) - 0207 232 6892 SurreyDocks.snt@met.police.uk Bermondsey Community Wardens - 0207 232 1470
  • Property Management & Concierge

    Maple Quays and its facilities will be operated and maintained by Consort Property Management. Consort Property Management, Marlborough House, Wigmore Place, Wigmore Lane, Luton Bedfordshire LU2 9EX - Tel 0845 1 947 044 Fax 0845 1 947 066 www.consortpm.co.uk customerservices@consortpm.co.uk Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Concierge main duties are: Manage all maintenance matters within communal areas Refuse management & cleanliness to all areas. Car park management for private residents / Shared ownership (part buy part rent) Security, access and reception management.
  • How do I hire a car?

    There are cars and a van than can be hired, found on Needleman Street. Operated by www.zipcar.co.uk
  • Affordable Housing - Part buy part rent (Affinity Sutton / William Sutton)

    William Sutton Housing Association Rotherhithe Estate Office 30 Plough Way Rotherhithe London SE16 2LJ Tel 0207 237 2902 / 0300 100 0303 / 0208 980 1514 Fax 0207 394 6812 Pets are NOT allowed at the Maple Quays site. If you wish to discuss this you can call 0208 313 3310 Opening hours Mon CLOSED Tue 9.30 - 1.30 Wed CLOSED Thu CLOSED Fri 9.30 - 1.30 If staff are unavailable please call 0845 217 8601
  • Bulk Rubbish (Large household items)

    Please do not dump bulky or large household items in Maple Quays. Call Southwark Council free collection service on 0207 525 2000
  • Tesco Abandoned Trolly

    If you have an abandoned Tesco Trolly call Tesco - Surrey Quays on 0845 6779636
  • Local Police & Community Contacts

    In an emergency always call 999. To report a non-emergency call 0300 123 1212 Rotherhithe Safer Neighbourhood Team 0208 721 2435 Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321 Anonymous crime report 0800 555 111 Non - emergency on railways. British Transport Police 0800 40 50 40 Community Wardens 0207 394 6540 Environmental Hotline 0207 525 2000 / environment@southwark.gov.uk
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  • What do I do if a car is clamped?

    If your car is clamped call Capital 2 Coast 0844 8 797 994 www.capital2coast.co.uk
  • What the contact number for the concierge?

    07939 288 479
  • My postal service is terrible, who do I complain to?

    If you are experiencing a poor postal service then please call Royal Mail on 08457 740 740
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